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iOS 12 offers fix for those who take accidental screenshots

by Brandon Russell | June 6, 2018June 6, 2018 9:00 am EST

Since the iPhone X was released last year, a vocal (and growing) group of owners have complained about how easy it is to accidentally take screenshots. In fact, a quick search on Reddit unearth’s threads where people complain their camera roll is filled with screenshots that were mistakenly taken while picking up the iPhone X.

With the imminent arrival of iOS 12, your iPhone’s camera roll will finally get a much-needed break.

Digging through the first beta of iOS 12, a number of users have noticed that Apple has come up with a clever solution. In iOS 11, taking a screenshot is as easy as pressing the power button and volume up button. But it’s that ease of use that’s frustrated a lot of iPhone X owners.

Going forward, screenshots can’t be taken while the screen is locked and the display is asleep. It’s a small but notable improvement, because it should make a significant difference during day-to-day use.

Taking an informal poll around the office, not too many have been frustrated by accidental screenshots when using the iPhone X. But I’ve managed to execute the action when taking the device out of my pocket, and it’s certainly frustrating.

Of course, the fix won’t arrive until iOS 12 is released this fall, which means you’ll have to deal with accidentally taking screenshots for a little longer.


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