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Apple Music goes live with full-blown web player

by Justin Herrick | June 4, 2018June 4, 2018 8:00 am PST

Apple’s music streaming service is now letting users listen to entire songs through a web browser. The company hasn’t made a public announcement, but users are seeing a full-blown web player that allows songs to be played from start to finish on a computer or mobile device where a web browser is present.

Until now, Apple Music only let samples of songs stream on the web. The service then encouraged listeners to log in or sign up for a membership to get theĀ entire song.

Use your login to hear the songs in their entirety

Before you get too excited, the web player for Apple Music isn’t too incredible. It’s very basic to be honest. The web player doesn’t have search or playlist creation. You’re limited to accessing existing playlists or songs/albums you have a link to. But it’s still a welcome addition as practically every other music streaming service has a web player to listen to entire songs.

The feature might be covered at WWDC 2018. The annual developer conference, which kicks off on Monday, should have an Apple Music segment as its important for Apple’s future. Apple Music was born in 2015, and since then it’s become Spotify’s biggest rival.

Apple Music’s web player remains somewhat limited, but it’s better than nothing. Apple can also issue improvements in the coming months to make its service even more multi-platform.

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