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Lenovo announcing an all-screen phone very soon

by Justin Herrick | May 31, 2018May 31, 2018 11:00 am EST

The Z5 won’t need a notch to achieve ultra-thin bezels. Lenovo sent out invites for its launch event, and the Z5 appears likely to ship with an all-screen front.

As other companies add a notch or enlarge the forehead/chin areas, Lenovo seems to have figured out an alternative of its own. We don’t know what that alternative is, but it’ll be revealed soon enough. The front-facing camera and some sensors could be packed into a corner on the bottom or even stored inside the phone using a pop-out mechanism.

Lenovo posted three teasers online (seen in the gallery above) highlighting the all-screen phone in different ways. Two of them show the Z5 from the front, and the third gives us a look at the back.

The company last showed the Z5 a few weeks ago. Lenovo put a promotional image on Weibo, and an executive also added a sketch of the phone. It looked like the Z5 was a long way from being released at the time. Now we’re on the verge of seeing the Z5 for ourselves with a launch event scheduled for June 5.

When it’s official, you should expect the Z5 to have an incredible 95% screen-to-body ratio. With bezels that thin, we have to think the camera is stored inside its body.

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