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Model 3 now recommended by Consumer Reports after brake issue

by Danny Zepeda | May 30, 2018May 30, 2018 12:00 pm PST

Consumer Report has updated its recommendation for the Model 3 after Tesla fixed an issue with the brakes. Last week, the publication recommended against buying the Model 3 due to a long stopping distance when testing the brakes. After the verdict, Tesla worked quickly to roll out an update.

During Consumer Report’s testing, which is conducted at its test track located in Connecticut, the Model 3 was driven up to 60 miles per hour to see how fast it could come to a complete stop. It took the Model 3 152 feet to come to a complete stop, testing much worse than competing cars in its segment. For comparison, Ford’s F150 full-size pickup truck made the stop in 145 feet.

Once the update was rolled out, Consumer Reports tested out the Model 3 to update its findings and it tested much better the second time around. Using two Model 3 cars, the Model 3 made the stop from 60 miles per hour in 132 feet, decreasing the stopping distance by 20 feet.

With the update, Consumer Reports revised its original review recommending Tesla’s compact sedan.

Now that the Model 3 is recommended by Consumer Reports, Tesla can breathe a sigh of relief. The Model 3 has continually been plagued by production issues and recently Tesla has come under fire for multiple crashes involving Tesla vehicles while in Autopilot—the company’s autonomous driving mode.

None of those problems are going away—it still has to stabilize Model 3 production and navigate through the questions about Autopilot—but at least the Model 3 doesn’t have a worse stopping distance than a pickup truck anymore.

Danny Zepeda

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