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Twitter takes over emoji since Android fragmentation is still a thing

by Justin Herrick | May 22, 2018May 22, 2018 8:00 am EST

Twitter announced that it’ll handle emoji for Android devices with outdated software.

With the vast majority of Android devices not running the latest version, the social network is taking control of the situation. It’ll insert its own Twemoji designs over Google’s or another company’s so that users see every emoji on Twitter even if their phone or tablet doesn’t support them.

The switch wasn’t difficult for Twitter, especially since Google created the EmojiCompat library that allows developers to place new emoji on old hardware.

Oreo, the latest version of Android, lives on just 5.8% of the world’s devices despite being available for nine months. Aside from not having the most advanced features, devices with previous versions of Android are left without the newest emoji. Users with these devices are shown X-marked boxes to indicate a new emoji is present.

Twitters says its improvement for emoji reaches users with devices on KitKat through Android Nougat. The change is already live for half of the eligible Twitter users, and everyone else should be covered by the end of the week.

Twemoji designs are used on and TweetDeck, so it should bring a more consistent experience.


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