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LG G7 gets a wacky price from T-Mobile

by Justin Herrick | May 21, 2018May 21, 2018 11:30 am EST

Unless you’re a die-hard LG fan, you shouldn’t purchase the G7 from T-Mobile. The magenta-loving carrier came out with a price tag too high for its own good.

T-Mobile announced a buy-one-get-one promotion; however, it’s the full retail price of LG’s latest flagship that’s pretty alarming.

T-Mobile’s G7 is priced at $750, which may not seem too bad. But then you look at the Galaxy S9 and see Samsung’s flagship is $720. Why would anyone pay more money for a product from a company struggling in the mobile industry? The G7 isn’t a bad phone, but it’s plainly average. LG did little to stand out with its latest flagship.

LG needs to make itself appealing again, and an easy way to do that would’ve been by offering a palatable price tag. T-Mobile, though, won’t make things better. There’s no reasonable person who will choose the G7 over the Galaxy S9 when it’s more expensive.

The G7, by the way, will land on T-Mobile’s network on June 1. It’ll only be sold in Raspberry Rose, so you’re limited on colors if you do drop $750 on this phone. Those loyalists who always stand by LG’s side should instead hope there’s an unlocked model released over the summer.


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