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LG G7 already besting last year’s G6 with strong pre-orders

by Justin Herrick | May 18, 2018May 18, 2018 10:00 am EST

Within just days of going up for pre-order, the G7 is outperforming its predecessor. The South Korean company is experiencing better-than-expected sales figures early on compared to the G6 that was released last year.

While the data hasn’t been confirmed by the company itself, LG is reportedly seeing nearly double the number of pre-orders for this year’s flagship in South Korea alone.

LG, according to ETNews, has already pushed 70,000 units in its home country during this phase of the G7’s release. The number could dwindle if customers cancel their pre-orders, but currently it’s a good sign. Meanwhile, the G6 drew around 40,000 units pre-ordered in the same timeframe.

The next few weeks and months will indicate whether or not the 2018 flagship is a success. LG’s mobile division won’t be saved by tens of thousands of units sold. Much more than that is needed.

If the company wants to get back into the conversation of being a top-tier brand, it needs to push millions of units worldwide. The G7, however, is somewhat underwhelming. On top of looking uninspired, the phone doesn’t have any features that are particularly unique. LG seems to have followed the leaders rather than invested in innovation.

The G7, by the way, has yet to be made available for pre-order outside of South Korea. LG plans on bringing its latest flagship to Asia, the Americas, and Europe “shortly.” The major U.S. carriers will start taking pre-orders at the end of the month, but there still isn’t a firm release date on the calendar.

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