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Bethesda’s RAGE 2 looks like a Mad Max fever dream

by Eric Frederiksen | May 15, 2018May 15, 2018 3:30 pm EST

After a colorful teaser on Monday, Bethesda has officially unveiled RAGE 2. It’s a sequel, but only in the barest of terms. Here’s the official trailer:

As Bethesda did with FalloutRAGE 2 is less a direct sequel and more of something set in the same world. The same way that Fallout 3 was set decades after Fallout 2RAGE 2 is set 50 years after the original. The original game’s protagonist would be an old, old man if he showed up at all. However, the ruling organization called the Authority is still present, so fans of the original should still have a lot to latch onto. Here’s the official description from Bethesda:

In RAGE 2, you’ll dive headfirst into a dystopian world devoid of society, law, and order. You can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything. The game brings together two studio powerhouses – Avalanche Studios, masters of open world mayhem and id Software, gods of the first-person shooter – to deliver a carnival of carnage.

In the year 2185, humanity’s numbers are dwindling. Ruthless and bloodthirsty gangs roam the open roads and the tyrannical Authority seek to rule who remains with an iron fist. You are Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland. Robbed of your home and left for dead, you’ll tear across an unforgiving wasteland battling bloodthirsty gangs to find the tools and tech needed to take the fight to The Authority and crush their oppressive rule once and for all!

One of the biggest things to latch onto there is that RAGE 2 is being developed by Avalanche Studios – makers of the Just Cause series and the Mad Max game – in conjunction with original developer id Software. Ideally, Avalanche will bring its open-world acumen while id’s FPS expertise – proven once again with 2016’s DOOM – will ensure first-in-class shoot’em up gameplay. That’s a lot of promise.

I guess I was wrong about the Battle Royale suggestion yesterday, but I’m not complaining – it looks like Bethesda is continuing its quest to save single-player games rather than shoehorning a license into a trendy game style like they did with the ill-fated Quake Champions.

RAGE 2 doesn’t have a release date, but we can expect to get that at E3 this year.

Eric Frederiksen

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