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iPhone X ad boasts about the studio-levels tools at your fingertips

by Justin Herrick | May 15, 2018May 15, 2018 9:00 am EST

The iPhone X captures brilliant photos and videos, but it’s the editing done afterward that can take things to another level.

Apple just released a new advertisement that showcases the strength of its camera and software working together. The ad, called “Studio in your pocket,” features a young woman who finds herself being surrounded by elements of a studio. She’s merely at a train station taking selfies, but lighting equipment appears as a reference to iOS’ advanced editing features.

Once she’s taken all her selfies, Apple shows the different results possible just by using what’s offered on the iPhone X. Your iPhone X can simulate lighting from various angles without it actually being present.

The song playing behind the ad is Flavien Berger’s “La Fête Noire.”

You should expect to see the ad begin airing in the United States this week. With the NBA Finals nearing, Apple is likely to increase its presence on television. The company often advertises its products and services during the NBA Playoffs when viewership spikes right before the summer. Apple, of course, will also give the ad a full blitz on other programming in the coming months.

More ads for the iPhone X will appear between now and September, as that’s when the new iPhone models should launch.

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