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Apple wants to sell video subscriptions directly to you

by Justin Herrick | May 10, 2018May 10, 2018 8:00 am PST

When subscribing to video streaming services from Apple’s devices, you’re redirected to separate apps to unlock access. In 2019, that should change. Apple is working to make subscriptions for a number of services available directly through the TV app, Bloomberg reports.

The idea is that it’ll make users more likely to remain on the TV app for all things video streaming.

Apple’s TV app is already strong, but it doesn’t allow you to purchase subscriptions or even log in. Third-party apps are still required so you can enter credentials and begin funneling content into the company’s platform.

After the update due out next year, everything would be housed in the TV app. From subscribing to logging in, you only need the TV app to begin streaming from your favorite services.

Online services have become a big part of the company’s future as hardware sales continue being questioned. iTunes, by the way, remains an important revenue stream for Apple. The service still sells a massive amount of movies and TV shows; however, Apple hasn’t competed seriously with video streaming juggernauts like Netflix and Hulu.

The strategy to make the TV app an all-in-one place for purchasing subscriptions and watching content is similar to Amazon’s. Along with a Prime subscription, Amazon sells add-ons for HBO, Showtime, and Starz.

It still remains unclear how Apple plans on distributing its original programming set to be released next year. The timing should coincide with this update for the TV app, but Apple hasn’t commented on whether it’ll sell individual series or bundle them with a subscription. So there’s something to watch in the coming months as Apple makes a stronger push into video streaming.


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