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Take a look at the day Steve Jobs debuted the iMac

by Justin Herrick | May 7, 2018May 7, 2018 6:00 am EST

The iMac celebrated its 20-year anniversary over the weekend. Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder and chief executive officer took the stage at a special ‘Back on Track’ event in 1998 to introduce the latest desktop computer. Following that day, the computer industry was changed forever. The industry was no longer purely dominated by Windows- and Intel-powered machines.

Apple launched the iMac G3 on May 6, 1998. Now the iMac is one of the most popular desktops in the world. While the design hasn’t changed significantly in recent years, it sure does look different than it did two decades ago.

Tim Cook, who’s been leading Apple just before Jobs’ passing in October 2011, observed the day the iMac launched on Twitter. He tweeted a brief statement proclaiming how revolutionary the iMac G3 was, and Cook also included a short clip of the product’s unveiling.

Jobs was joined by Apple’s marketing guru, Phil Schiller, to detail the iMac G3 in front of media members.

Although aluminum is currently used on the iMac and its laptop counterparts, Apple didn’t always implement such a premium material. Many of the early models had plastic builds. Apple switched over to aluminum in 2007, and that’s when the modern look of the desktop came about. If there’s something new to expect from the iMac soon, it’s thinner bezels.

Let’s see if Apple commemorates the 20-year anniversary of the iMac at WWDC next month.

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