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Yahoo apps, Go90 are about to bloat Verizon’s Galaxy S9

by Justin Herrick | May 4, 2018May 4, 2018 2:00 pm EST

Oath has announced that four of its apps will soon be pre-installed on Verizon’s Galaxy S9. The digital media group is actually owned by Verizon, so that helped facilitate this deal with Samsung.

The apps increasing the amount of bloatware on the Verizon model are Newsroom, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, and Go90.

More than that, Oath and Verizon are also pushing its services on Samsung’s Galaxy app. The app serving as a hub on the 2018 flagship will feature native ads that blend in with other content. Oath’s Tim Armstrong was blunt in saying there’s no better place “than being on the mobile phone home screen and app environment.” While that excites him, owners of the Galaxy S9 won’t be too thrilled.

There is money being exchanged, of course. Oath will pay Samsung part of the ad revenue generated on the Galaxy S9.

Verizon just wants to put its products and services in front of more eyes. Oath, which was created after both AOL and Yahoo were purchased in recent years, oversees these services as well as a few others. Aside from running consumer-facing properties, it also has a massive online advertising business.

Units that have already been sold may or may not get Oath’s apps in a software update, though we suspect that’s unlikely. But units sold by Verizon moving forward will undoubtedly have Newsroom, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, and Go90 on-board out of the box.


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