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Why you won’t find the LG G7 sold by AT&T

by Justin Herrick | May 4, 2018May 4, 2018 10:00 am EST

Finding the LG G7 isn’t going to be a challenge unless you’re an AT&T customer. While the other three major U.S. carriers immediately announced their intent to sell the 2018 flagship, AT&T announced that it is skipping the G7. There won’t ever be a G7 on the carrier’s network, but that’s because the two companies have a resolution in place.

The nation’s second-largest carrier made an agreement with LG to release an exclusive product this summer.

Here’s what an AT&T spokesperson told The Verge:

“We offer a strong lineup of devices from LG today. And we’re planning to launch a new LG device this summer only from AT&T.”

Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint jumped up to tell the world the G7 will be on their networks later this spring. AT&T, though, stayed quiet for this reason.

The product could end up being the G7+, or LG is willing to give AT&T something we’ve never seen before. Alongside the G7, the G7+ was quietly revealed with a few upgraded specifications.

Picking up the G7 from carriers won’t be for several more weeks. The release date has yet to be determined by anyone, and several carriers have pre-order dates in place ranging from May 24 to June 1.

LG, meanwhile, doesn’t have a global release date scheduled. So there’s actually no indication at all as for when the G7 will hit the market.

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