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Leaked images show off the OnePlus 6 against the iPhone X

by Danny Zepeda | May 3, 2018May 3, 2018 2:30 pm PST

It has been one heck of a seesaw with the OnePlus 6. We know just about everything about it—specs, design, features—yet OnePlus, the prime source of these teasers, hasn’t announced it. That will happen later this month. In the meantime, a new batch of leaked images seem to show off the supposed OnePlus 6 compared to the iPhone X and OnePlus 5T.

This isn’t the first time images of the OnePlus 6 have leaked. It’s happened quite often over the past two months. Looking at the key characteristics of what we know of the OnePlus 6, they check out. In total, five images leaked that display the OnePlus 6 in a couple portrait photos and two that compare it next to the iPhone X and OnePlus 5T.

Examining the comparison between the OnePlus 6 and iPhone X, it’s hard not to notice just how big the notch on Apple’s flagship is. Of course, no notch would have been better on the OnePlus 6 but that’s the direction the company took with the design. The iPhone X’s display is also a lot smaller.

Stacked up against the OnePlus 5T, the difference is surprisingly small. Sure, the 5T has a smaller display and bigger bezels, but the continuous display without the notch break is very refreshing.

There is some bad news. Upon closer examination, the images appear to be fake. Everything checks out, including the placement of the earpiece and camera with in the notch. However, the mute switch is on the left-hand side while in the teasers we’ve seen have shown the same switch on the right side.

The images may not be legit, but you can still check them out and take them as a concept in comparing how the OnePlus 6 will look with other modern flagships. It might not be 100-percent accurate, yet it is still very helpful, giving us a good frame of reference.

We’ll see the OnePlus 6 for real when it is officially unveiled on May 16.

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