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Instagram blows us away with these upcoming new features

by Justin Herrick | May 2, 2018May 2, 2018 6:00 am EST

Facebook made a number of announcements during its keynote at F8 on Tuesday. Instagram, which the company has owned since 2012, also received more attention than you’d expect. With over 500 million daily active users, it’s no surprise that Instagram now gets its own segment within the lengthy presentation.

The path forward for Instagram remains bright, and today it shared what new features will be available soon.

Partners will be able to share to Stories, including Spotify and GoPro. The music streaming service will let you play part of a song while GoPro will link clips from its action cameras. Those are the only two partners made public so far, but Instagram says many more are coming.

Facebook’s Stories, too, will have this feature. Then your favorite moments can also go to the News Feed.

Instagram will also open augmented reality support for third parties. Think of it like Snapchat’s business model where advertisers can purchase space for face filters and stickers. Examples include turning “any video into an NBA dunkcam or add a cloud of hearts and Pomeranians to fluff up your photo.” With that said, it seems like Stories are about to become a lot livelier.

The listed partners with “fun creative effects” arriving first are Ariana Grande, Vogue, and Buzzfeed among others.

Meanwhile, a leaked feature finally got confirmed. Video calling will connect up to four people on Instagram. The service has been allowing multi-person live-streaming, but this is for private conversations.

The final announcement from Instagram is a redesigned Explore section. It’s always been about serving fresh content from people and accounts you don’t follow. Now, though, it’ll be personalized with topic channels.

Instagram will display a carousel of topics at the top of the Explore section and preview posts on the rest of the page.

Just about everything appears to be rolling out over the next few weeks. It wouldn’t be surprising if a handful of users got them first before Instagram’s global user base does. As more users gain the new features, the service can see the response and make adjustments as needed.


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