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Sling’s Cloud DVR just got way more useful

by Justin Herrick | May 1, 2018May 1, 2018 12:30 pm PST

Following early testing on a limited number of devices, Sling is ready for more of its subscribers to enjoy the benefits of cloud storage for their favorite shows and movies.

The live TV streaming service announced on Tuesday that its Cloud DVR is opening up to include most devices. By paying a small monthly fee, subscribers get dozens of hours worth of cloud storage to play back content from anywhere. Sling’s price for Cloud DVR is $5 per month, and that’s a steal considering the usefulness of the feature.

Some of the gateways to Sling now able to use Cloud DVR include Chrome, Chromecast, Xbox One, LG smart televisions, and Samsung smart televisions from 2017 and 2016.

Although most devices are supported after the latest update, there remain to be popular names missing. Sling says that Cloud DVR is not available on Samsung’s smart televisions released this year and Comcast’s X1 platform. Also, you might not be able to record on select channels.

Cord cutters will appreciate Cloud DVR. Aside from being able to use a live TV streaming service to watch shows and movies as they air, Cloud DVR makes it possible to record now and watch later. Sling’s cloud storage lets you record multiple programs simultaneously, store content forever, create folders, and auto-record specific shows or series. Based on those features, the added cost is worth it for Cloud DVR.

By the way, you’re not limited to recording and watching on the same device. The whole purpose of a live TV streaming service like Sling is to have your favorite programming accessible on any device, so Cloud DVR syncs recordings between devices.


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