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Fire TV Cube is Amazon’s next streaming device

by Justin Herrick | April 25, 2018April 25, 2018 10:00 am PST

Amazon will soon announce and release the Fire TV Cube, which is literally a cube-shaped set-top box that runs the same software as its other streaming devices.

The Fire TV Cube, which is being vaguely referenced on a teaser page, hasn’t appeared by name before. But we have seen its potential design. Back in 2017, Amazon was preparing to launch the new Fire TV with its square-shaped design. The leak of that streaming device also exposed what now appears to be the Fire TV Cube.

It wouldn’t be that interesting of a product if the only difference was its design. However, the Fire TV Cube should have built-in Alexa functionality. The digital assistant’s blue accent is visible along the top edge in the previous leak. Amazon also seems to have small cutouts for speakers.

With the Fire TV Cube, Amazon would be able to sell two products in one. The streaming device would have access to the platform’s many apps and games while Alexa can respond to voice commands. By the look of it, you could also play music directly on the Fire TV Cube even though doing that on a television or an Echo is probably a better idea.

Another report, which comes from Engagdet, reveals an illustration of the streaming device’s ports. The Fire TV Cube should have a standard layout including micro-USB, HDMI, and power. There isn’t an ethernet port, but Amazon sells an adapter for its existing Fire TV models.

If you’re interested, you can sign up for an email alert when the Fire TV Cube is official. Amazon’s already put out a statement saying, while it has nothing to say at the moment, more details are coming soon.

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