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iPhone X users absolutely love Apple’s latest flagship

by Danny Zepeda | April 24, 2018April 24, 2018 10:00 am PST

When the iPhone X was released last year, there was a lot of trepidation concerning how users would acclimate to the device. It introduced a brand new swipe-based interface, sported a polarizing notch and was very expensive. Six months later, iPhone X users love Apple’s smartphone.

A new survey by Creative Strategies discovered that the iPhone X has a 97-percent satisfaction rate among early adopters, with 85-percent of users saying they are “very satisfied” with the device. Some of the features touted by users was the design, performance, OLED display, swipe-based gesture controls, battery life and Face ID. Each feature individually scored a satisfaction rate of over 92-percent.

Face ID, in particular, impressed users. The facial recognition feature by Apple can be touch and go, but it seems users are giving it the benefit of the doubt. Compared to Touch ID, Face ID falls short, but its ease-of-use is enough to impress users and quell frustration.

Coincidentally, with the design category earning a satisfaction rate of 97-percent, it’s clear users don’t have a problem with the notch.

However, the iPhone X did not come unscathed in the survey. Users did have a problem with one feature: Siri. This isn’t so much an iPhone X problem as it is an Apple problem (every iPhone model has Siri), but it underscores how unsatisfied users are with the voice assistant.

Siri has been a topic of note for Apple, with a recent piece by The Information shedding light on how Apple has continuously failed to improve the voice assistant. Even now, seven years after it was introduced, Siri stills lags behind the competition.

Luckily, Apple can get away with delivering a poor digital assistant when the rest of the iPhone X is so good.

Danny Zepeda

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