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Android P renders show iPhone X-like multitasking and navigation

by Brandon Russell | April 18, 2018April 18, 2018 7:00 am PST

We already know that Android P will embrace the notch trend that’s spreading across the industry. Now, it looks like Google’s upcoming update will also include other elements introduced by the iPhone X, including a revamped multitasking menu.

In the gallery above, there’s a lot to parse through in just a few screenshots. The first thing is the multitasking menu, which features a carousel of cards that can be scrolled through horizontally.

Currently, pressing the multitasking button will bring up a screen that shows a stack of cards that can be scrolled through vertically. The change is minor, but certainly noticeable to longtime Android users.

Speaking of the multitasking button, it no longer exists in the latest build. Instead, there’s a new pill icon (like a smaller version of the iPhone X’s navigation bar) that users will swipe up on to bring up the multitasking menu. Tapping on the pill button will bring users back home, while pressing and holding on the button will bring up Assistant.

A back button appears to still exist, but 9to5Google claims it’ll be contextually aware, only showing up when needed. With Google exploring more iPhone X-like features, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the button disappear completely in favor of swipe gestures.

9to5Google notes that the images above are merely renders based on information heard from internal Google sources. Chances are things will look different by the time Android P is released this fall, and we may even get a better glimpse at Google I/O in May.


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