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Sonos One with Alexa sports bright new colors

by Brandon Russell | April 17, 2018April 17, 2018 1:30 pm EST

Sonos has finally injected some much-needed color into its lineup of smart speakers. The company on Tuesday announced a partnership with HAY that will see the Sonos One available in some sleek colors, including red, yellow and green. The products are officially known as HAY Sonos One.

The colors apply new life into the diminutive Sonos speaker, which one could say is a direct competitor to Apple’s HomePod. They’re of similar size and quality, though they vary dramatically in price; the HomePod is $350 while the Sonos One is $199.

“Our speakers aren’t designed to claim attention but to blend naturally into their surroundings,” said Sonos VP of Design Tad Toulis. Despite their bombastic appearance, Toulis argues the new colors still provide aesthetic subtlety.

Depending on the decor in your home, the expanded lineup allows consumers to blend the Sonos One into its surroundings. Or, if you like your home to be loud—both in sound and color—the HAY Sonos One fits the bill.

“These speakers deserve to be treated like furniture: strong, independent objects that fit different needs and spaces,” said HAY co-founder and creative director Mette Hay.

Unfortunately, the HAY Sonos One won’t be available until this fall, and with a $30 premium at that. The Sonos One currently offers Alexa support and is expected to get Google Assistant later this year.


Brandon Russell

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