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More Nintendo Switch accessories appear to be on the horizon

by Danny Zepeda | April 12, 2018April 12, 2018 11:00 am EST

Nintendo has enlisted the help of venture capital firm Scrum Ventures to find startups that will develop new accessories for its Switch handheld console. First reported by Bloomberg, the partnership aims to create more accessories that will take advantage of the Switch’s modular design.

The move is surprising given Nintendo’s overprotective attitude towards its properties. But at some point, you just need fresh ideas and that’s exactly what the gaming company is hoping to find with the initiative.

The enlisted startups (who have not been selected yet) will pitch their ideas to Nintendo in the fall. Nintendo, in turn, will help these startups realize their ideas. A specific timeframe for when these accessories will make their way into consumers hands was not revealed. However, given the schedule laid out, it’s most likely they will debut some time in 2019.

On April 20, Nintendo is launching the first major in-home Switch accessory called Nintendo Labo. It’s a series of cardboard accessories that will utilize the console’s accelerometer and gyroscope to deliver a new experience. Labo will be an interesting experiment for Nintendo to see whether new Switch accessories are received with enthusiasm or seen as a cheap gimmick.


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