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HomePod sales aren’t too hot for Apple

by Justin Herrick | April 12, 2018April 12, 2018 7:00 am PST

Apple might have to rethink its strategy for Siri in the home. Interest in the company’s smart speaker seems to have cooled off just two months after being released. The HomePod’s lackluster sales have caused Apple to lower expectations and cut production, according to Bloomberg.

Inventec, one of the partners manufacturing the HomePod, was asked to scale back on how many units are being made. Although the manufacturer and Apple have not confirmed doing so, a person familiar with the decision revealed the HomePod isn’t selling well.

When the smart speaker was announced, Apple earned a lot of attention. It would insert the HomePod in the same field as the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Apple, though, doesn’t have nearly as strong of a digital assistant. Yet the company was able to generate plenty of hype leading up to the HomePod’s release in early February.

Months later, it looks like the initial buzz wore off much quicker than anyone would’ve thought. It’s being reported that Apple’s retail stores are selling the HomePod in single-digit numbers daily. Inventory is growing because the company can’t move units online and in stores.

The HomePod won’t be killed off, so don’t worry about your $350 purchase going to waste. Apple is known for reinvigorating products if they stumble out of the gate. It’s likely the HomePod receives plenty of attention at WWDC in June. Apple could roll out a number of new features and improvements that attract new customers and excite existing ones.

As it currently stands, Apple’s smart speaker is noticeably limited. The HomePod doesn’t do much beyond playing tunes from Apple Music and sending messages. In the future, Siri needs to have a strong presence similar to Alexa and Google Assistant.

Everyone is always watching Apple, but now there’s an extra bit of scrutiny because the HomePod is aiming to topple a space dominated by Amazon. Apple’s even struggling to get ahead of Google in the smart speaker market, too. But in six months, the HomePod could be revitalized thanks to a single software update.


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