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There might be beefed-up Spectacles launching soon

by Justin Herrick | April 11, 2018April 11, 2018 6:00 am EST

Snap’s first attempt at hardware didn’t go so well. The Spectacles, a pair of smart glasses, launched in 2016 with a ton of hype but quickly ran out of steam. With users being satisfied with taking photos and videos for Snapchat from their phones, the company was left with hundreds of thousands of unsold units taking up space in warehouses. But Snap is not giving up.

The company made an FCC filing this week that reveals there is another wearable on the way, according to Variety. Snap will seemingly launch a beefed-up version of the Spectacles in an effort to increase revenue beyond what Snapchat provides.

Based on the paperwork submitted, there’s little doubt this is the Spectacles’ successor. Snap calls the product “Model 002,” and the original was of course “Model 001.” The company’s never released any other hardware. It’s clear Snap would like to continue making smart glasses as the form factor fits in with its goal of capturing life’s moments.

The schedule for Snap to announce new hardware is completely open. While the company has yet to confirm anything, a new pair of smart glasses could launch as early as this summer.

Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands will be supported as the new Spectacles in the filing have 802.11ac Wi-Fi included. Also, it won’t have a traditional FCC ID label. Snap will switch to an electronic-based format where users can view the details within Snapchat. Variety points out that might indicate the frame has been redesigned. Overall, the upcoming model could be thinner and lighter.

Many of the details from the filing have been redacted, leaving us with not much else to add. Cheddar, though, recently reported that Snap is thinking about a new model that also features more than two cameras and a GPS. None of that was spotted in the latest FCC filing.

If the Spectacles do get an upgrade, there will be a plenty of pressure on the product to succeed. Snap desperately needs a hit as Facebook’s Instagram continues running away with the lead. Users are also slamming Snapchat after its major update. Meanwhile, the company’s been laying off employees in waves since last year.

The clock’s ticking and Snap is still scrambling to secure a viable business model.

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