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Galaxy Note 9 leak reveals a huge battery inside this behemoth

by Justin Herrick | April 11, 2018April 11, 2018 9:00 am PST

As we prepare to enter the second half of the year, all eyes are on Samsung. The company’s Galaxy Note 9 will launch in the summer and perhaps a little earlier than usual. So it’s not surprising that leaks and reports surrounding Samsung’s second 2018 flagship have already emerged. And few companies face as many leaks as Samsung. The brand’s popularity just elevates the rumor mill.

Insiders are digging up information now because the high-end phone could be just three months away from debuting.

The latest information has to do with the Galaxy Note 9’s display and battery. While one area will remain largely unchanged, the other is set to be drastically different. Samsung isn’t messing around when it comes to making a powerhouse.

For the display, Samsung is likely to use a panel similar to the one from last year. The Galaxy Note 8 shipped with a 6.32-inch screen. According to MMDDJ, the company will have put a 6.4-inch screen on the Galaxy Note 9. However, the specific measurement might be 6.38 inches as suggested in previous reports.

The source didn’t mention the possibility of an in-display fingerprint scanner, but the feature is expected to make the cut for the final product.

It’s the battery size that should get people excited. Samsung appears to be implementing a much larger capacity this time around. While its predecessor ships with a 3300mAh unit, Ice Universe shared on Twitter that the Galaxy Note 9 will jump to 4000mAh. Samsung previously packed massive batteries inside the Galaxy Note series; however, in recent years it relaxed on doing so.

Don’t be skeptical by the sources’ names. Both are Twitter-only insiders who have proven track records at getting mobile industry-related items correct.

Samsung’s current focus is on the Galaxy S9. But its sibling flagship is deep in development. Since the phone is likely to launch in July or August, Samsung has to make key decisions around this time for a global launch to be done on time. Expect to hear a lot more about the Galaxy Note 9 as we near the summer.

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