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BlackBerry Athena leak exposes the KeyOne’s successor

by Justin Herrick | April 10, 2018April 10, 2018 9:00 am EST

TCL thinks the physical keyboard deserves a place in the mobile industry even today. It appears to be planning the release of a successor to the KeyOne, referring to the upcoming phone internally as the Athena. Like last year’s flagship, the Athena will include a physical keyboard in addition to a touch-enabled display. There will, of course, be various upgrades to make it current.

While the Athena looks a lot like its predecessor, there’s at least one sign that this model will be a lot stronger.

The KeyOne launched more than a year ago, so it was unclear if TCL would still develop a new model with a physical keyboard attached. But here we are with a fresh leak revealing what the company is allegedly planning to release in 2018.

Check out the Athena from every angle, as spotted by SlashLeaks:

From the front, not too much has changed. The display seems to be the same size and buttons for Back, Home, and Recents remain in place. There’s also that full QWERTY keyboard for you type away on, and it should keep gesture controls like the original. When you look at the back, that’s where you’ll discover something very new.

The Athena will ship with a dual-camera setup, according to this leak. Two lenses are positioned next to each other vertically. TCL has two-tone LED flash included as well. The leak doesn’t indicate anything about specifications; therefore, we have no idea how many megapixels the lenses have.

Other items worth pointing out are the USB-C port and speakers on the bottom, a headphone jack on the top, and a Smart Convenience key on the right side.

TCL received a decent amount of praise for the KeyOne. That would explain why the Athena doesn’t separate itself dramatically. The Athena comes across as a refined KeyOne, ditching the shiny metal accents for matte black.

Some speculation also suggests the phone will be brought to the market as the KeyTwo.


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