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Galaxy Note 9 concept makes the iPhone X look mediocre

by Brandon Russell | April 6, 2018April 6, 2018 3:00 pm PST

Based on early reports, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 may include some powerful new tech, including an in-display fingerprint sensor. That right there is enough to pique our interest, and if it looks anything like this concept from DBS Designing, the device will make the iPhone X feel old by comparison.

All of the staples are accounted for: there’s S Pen support, a curved all-glass design, and a dual-camera setup. But the formula is improved upon thanks to a display that’s almost entirely bezel-less, giving users an expanded canvas to watch movies and jot down notes.

The elimination of the rear-facing fingerprint sensor gives the device a much cleaner look, too, allowing Samsung’s unrivaled design to stand out even more. If you thought the Galaxy S9 looked nice, wait until you see this Galaxy Note 9 concept. The changes are small, but they make a huge difference.

Although we’re still months away from the Galaxy Note 9’s typical fall launch timeframe, a recent report claimed Samsung may introduce the device earlier than usual, possibly to beat Apple’s new trio of iPhone X devices to market.

There have been conflicting reports about the Galaxy Note 9 launching with an in-display fingerprint sensor, and after seeing this concept, we really hope Samsung can pull it off. As we experienced with the Vivo phone at CES, using a device with the technology feels so futuristic. What better way to take the technology mainstream than on Samsung’s next flagship?

Brandon Russell

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