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Spotify will make a special announcement in the coming weeks

by Danny Zepeda | April 6, 2018April 6, 2018 1:00 pm PST

Spotify announced it will hold a special event on April 24 to make a “news announcement.” The event is being held in New York City, but that’s about all that can be ascertained from the invitation.

It’s unclear what the event will be about. One of the projects Spotify is rumored to be working on is voice controls for its app, which will allow users to control the app without the need of accessing the device’s voice assistant. This, along with a particular job posting, has led to rumblings about the possibility of incoming hardware in the form of a smart speaker.

Now that the Swedish streaming service has expanded its horizon with its IPO filing, wading into the waters of hardware seems like the next logical step.

That neither has been confirmed nor denied, but holding a special event seems like the perfect avenue to release a product like that. Then again, Spotify may just stick to revamping its current product, possibly announcing new pricing tiers beyond the available options.

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