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Toys R’ Us shutters its website

by Sean P. Aune | March 31, 2018March 31, 2018 2:00 pm EST

As Toys R’ Us moves forward with the closure of its business, the latest move is the complete shutdown of its website.

Visitors to the Toys R’ Us site are finding themselves greeted by a pop-up greeting that informs them that the site is no longer open for purchases.

Toys R Us website closure

The greeting directs you to both and its liquidation-going-out-of-business-FAQs pages for more information.

Toys R’ Us announced on March 15 that it was shutting down all of its opeations in the United States, and it began liquidation sales on March 23. All of the locations in the United Kingdom are also currently in the process of shutting down.

Currently there are attempts to sell the Canadian locations, possibly along with the top 200 U.S. locations, but there have been no updates in the past week as to the progress of that deal. Isaac Larian, CEO of MGA Entertainment, is leading a bid to see toy companies make the purchase, but according to a recent interview with Fox Business, he is saying that he is not receiving support from other toy companies. “I think I have a business plan to, which I’m not going to disclose on the air right now, to turn this company but frankly I am a little disappointed why other companies and chief executives in the toy industry haven’t come to the table to support this,” said Larian. “You know we all made a lot of money from Toys “R” Us. I sold my first toy to Charles Lazarus in 1979 and I believe that I am in indebted to that legacy, and as long as the business would make sense at the right price, I’m going to do the best damn thing I can to save it.”

The toy industry is currently trying to sort out what the closure of the largest dedicated toy retailer will mean in the long run. There is talk that this may be the oppurtunity for the Kay Bee Toys chain of stores to re-open, but details are still pending on how and when that will happen.

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