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MyFitnessPal data breach reaches 150 million accounts

by Justin Herrick | March 30, 2018March 30, 2018 9:00 am PST

Under Armour confirmed that its health and fitness service was hacked, putting an estimated 150 million accounts at risk.

MyFitnessPal, which the company acquired in 2015 for $475 million, experienced a data breach on March 25 affecting a significant number of its users. The personal information potentially obtained by the hackers includes email addresses and passwords. Under Armour was quick to note credit card numbers and government-issued identifiers were not compromised, the latter of which is not collected by the service anyway.

An investigation has been launched with “leading data security firms,” and Under Armour also enlisted the help of law enforcement. So the company is taking this matter very seriously.

The timeline of events is interesting because Under Armour didn’t immediately know the service was hacked. While the data breach was discovered only a few days ago by MyFitnessPal’s team, the company says the “unauthorized party” pulled personal information from accounts in February. Then it moved on to alert users.

If you have a MyFitnessPal account, it’s recommended that you change your password for any other accounts that may have similar passwords. Your MyFitnessPal will be required to change. Under Armor also suggests reviewing your account for any suspicious activity.

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