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Google Play Movies & TV is now home to all streaming services

by Justin Herrick | March 28, 2018March 28, 2018 8:00 am EST

There’s no shortage of video streaming services to feast on, so Google wants to simplify the experience by offering a central hub for entertainment.

Now you can rely on the Play Movies & TV app to point you in the right direction. The latest update for the app brings some new features that help you find content even if it’s offered outside of Google’s own digital store. It’s also not limited to just subscription-based services like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. The integration includes TV Everywhere apps, too.

More than two dozen apps are available out of the gate, and you should expect to see that number grow significantly over the next few months.

Google understands that, if you already have a membership with another service, there’s no need to buy or rent some content from Google Play. That’s why the search results for This Is Us on the Play Movies & TV app will no longer push you to make a purchase. You might have a cable subscription to use the NBC app, or you can go through Hulu to stream the popular show. The same goes for movies that are available on other services.

The Play Movies & TV app is also expanding recommendations. Rather than swiping and scrolling through a bunch of content that’s not appealing, Google says you can perform narrower searches. Aside from having the usual slate of genres, the Play Movies & TV app can show categories like highly-rated, award-winning, 2000s, and more.

And since the app has become a one-stop spot for entertainment, Google wants to know what you like. Users can simply give thumbs up/down to rate what they’ve watched. Then the app can go ahead and recommend content that you might enjoy.

Despite the update’s announcement, it’s not widely available yet. The refreshed Play Movies & TV app should be rolling out to all users in the U.S. in the coming weeks.


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