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Expect a lot more Apple products in your favorite shows

by Danny Zepeda | March 22, 2018March 22, 2018 6:00 am PST

Product placement is nothing new for a company like Apple. Chances are if you’ve seen a movie or TV show in the past few years, you’ve probably seen an iPhone or MacBook appear on screen. Many companies do this to market their products. The Cupertino company does this a lot and it’s taking it to the next level, so expect to see more Apple products in your favorite TV shows over the coming years.

According to Variety, Apple plans to increase product placement in major TV shows. The company is reportedly working on promotional campaigns with some of the most popular TV shows.

Take the new Fox series 9-1-1. Every smartphone or computer used in the series is an Apple device and at the end of every episode, viewers are made alert to the fact that “promotional consideration sponsored by Apple.” This is a first for Apple, and it will continue to grow. Apple already has deals in place with Saturday Night Live for advertiser content tied to the brand.

What’s the reason for this? First, it’s a surprisingly great marketing tool. Seeing a character you relate to on screen using an iPhone is likely to influence your next smartphone purchase more so than a standard commercial. Second, Variety reports advertising on TV shows is much cheaper than standard commercials.

Buying a 30-second ad spot on NBC’s Sunday Night Football cost a reported $728,434 last season. Apple heavily advertised during the marquee NFL game.

With that said, Apple isn’t completely abandoning standard commercials anytime soon. Just a couple weeks ago it released a wildly popular HomePod commercial directed by Spike Jonze starring FKA twigs that featured an exclusive Anderson .Paak song only available on Apple Music. The commercial likely cost millions of dollars to make, but the 7.4 million views (and counting) on YouTube have proved to be a worthy investment.

Moving forward, expect more Apple products in some of your favorite TV shows.

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