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Peeps-like Android figurines kick off spring

by Justin Herrick | March 20, 2018March 20, 2018 2:30 pm EST

Dead Zebra, the design studio headed by Andrew Bell, just released a new batch of Android figurines arriving just in time for the first day of spring.

The Sweet Spring collection includes a trio of figurines that remind you of the season’s flowers, allergies, and bunnies.

Bell and his team did a brilliant job here because the latest release heavily resembles a tasty treat popular during this time of year. These Android figurines feature a flocked finish, making them look just like Peeps. The marshmallow candy is currently available in the form of birds and bunnies, but you can get an inedible version that represents Google’s global platform.

Along with the figurines, you’re getting them in a spring-themed box that has a window display.

Since it’s a special edition, the three figurines are bundled together for $24. Dead Zebra will also sell you a hexagonal or square display case three-pack at a $3 discount. As long as you purchase the figurines and display cases together, you’ll get the deal.

Don’t wait long to grab your pink, yellow, and purple-colored Android figurines. It’s not unusual for this type of item to sell out quickly. Also, Bell always notes it may not be possible for an out of stock item to ever return. If you miss out now, these figurines could be gone forever.

Keep in mind the Sweet Spring collection isn’t shipping immediately. Dead Zebra says it’ll start sending out orders the week of March 26, and it could take several days to ship for everyone.

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