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That entry-level MacBook is shaping up to be a great value

by Justin Herrick | March 12, 2018March 12, 2018 6:00 am EST

More details regarding Apple’s next MacBook have emerged.

The entry-level model expected later this year will ship with a similar price as the current MacBook Air but with significant upgrades throughout, according to DigiTimes.

Apple issues improvements to many macOS-based devices every year; however, the MacBook Air is often left out. Prior to 2017, the most affordable MacBook was left without any changes for more than two years. But the company does seem interested in radically changing the playbook in 2018. Apple is working on a new entry-level model that’ll either totally replace the MacBook Air or keep its name while marking a new era.

The report out this week makes it clear the company wants to elevate how good an entry-level laptop can be. Apple is bringing over at least one notable feature from the MacBook Pro.

The yet-to-be-named MacBook is said to have a 12-inch or 13.3-inch display with resolution matching the MacBook Pro. LG Display will apparently start providing 2560×1600 panels to Apple in April so the product can enter mass production by the beginning of June.

When it is finally released, Apple hopes to ship 6 million units this year. Analysts think that’s a little ambitious, suggesting 4 million is a better target.

Apple could introduce the entry-level MacBook with a $799 or $899 starting price. That’s about the same as what the company currently sells the MacBook Air for. The new model, however, would also have a fresh design and other differences like Intel’s 8th generation Core processor.

It also looks like new iPad and iPad Pro models are on the way. The report says Apple is launching an iPad (2018) with a lower starting price sometime this quarter while the iPad Pro family gets refreshed in the second half of the year. Apple hasn’t confirmed anything, but it does seem likely at least a new entry-level iPad arrives very soon.

If everything turns out as reported, it’ll be a very busy second half of the year for Apple. Rarely does the company launch so many new products and services in such a tight window.


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