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Alexa on tablets is way more chatty now

by Justin Herrick | March 12, 2018March 12, 2018 9:00 am EST

Amazon’s digital assistant keeps getting better, and you don’t have to have a smart speaker to enjoy some of the benefits. The company has announced a major update that makes calling and messaging through Alexa available on three major platforms for tablets. It enables those with Fire, iOS, and Android tablets to communicate freely with others as long as they also have Alexa on their device.

When it comes to calls, both video and audio are offered. Now you can pick up a Fire tablet to call a friend or family member with the Alexa app on their iPad. The same goes for anyone with an Android tablet that uses Alexa over Google Assistant. As long as your tablet has the Alexa app installed, you can make video and audio calls at no extra cost.

It’s also compatible with Drop In, the feature that lets you take over other Echo devices for widespread communication at home.

Peer-to-peer messaging works as you’d expect. Just fire up Alexa, say what you need, and the message is on its way to the recipient. They’ll get to hear on their own device, and then you might get something in return. If you’ve been using calling and messaging on Echo devices since last year, the experience on tablets will be very familiar.

Making everything work is as simple as verifying your phone number with Alexa and importing contacts. Alexa handles the rest, having you control her by using nothing more than your voice.


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