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Exclusive Concept: Take another look at LG’s flagship, the iPhone X lookalike

by Justin Herrick | March 7, 2018March 7, 2018 7:00 am PST

No one really knows what LG will call its next high-end phone, but it’s all but confirmed the flagship will heavily resemble Apple’s. Various leaks and concepts that have surfaced in recent weeks prove the South Korean company is interested in taking well-known qualities from one of the world’s most popular mobile devices.

Like the iPhone X, the 2018 flagship will have a notch at the top of the display and a vertical dual-camera setup on the back. That’s shown once again in exclusive concept renders provided to TechnoBuffalo.

Based on information that’s come forward so far, Concept Creator joined us to create concept images showing LG’s 2018 flagship. It’s an even closer look at the phone since nearly every angle gets highlighted. You’re able to see the edge-to-edge display, a notch storing the front-facing camera and sensors, and the entire back’s layout.

Around the back, LG won’t be changing too much from last year’s G6. There’s still a dual-camera setup with two-tone LED flash, but the positioning has been tweaked just slightly so the lenses are stacked. Other than that, there continue to be spots for laser autofocus and a touch-enabled power button.

LG is also expected to use a glass-covered aluminum for the body as it did in 2017.

Internal specifications have only been speculated, but the most recent big leak pointed out the phone should pack enhanced components to be competitive.

LG’s 2018 flagship, known internally as Judy, will have the innards to rival the Galaxy S9 but clearly not the design. If the company does indeed copy Apple, it’s probably going to be ridiculed for not investing in a unique appearance. And with a mobile division that’s struggling to regain momentum, LG can’t afford to roll out an uninspired product.

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