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Google embraces the notch in Android P

by Brandon Russell | March 7, 2018March 7, 2018 11:30 am PST

When the iPhone X was released, the device’s notch quickly became its most distinctive characteristic. Now, companies from around the industry are attempting to imitate Apple’s design, leading to an assortment of clones. Even Google is embracing the display notch in the latest version of Android.

In the first developer preview of Android P released on Wednesday, Google details how apps can take advantage of the latest trend:

Now apps can take full advantage of the latest device screen with fullscreen content. We’ve added display cutout into the platform, along with APIs that you can use to manage how your content is displayed.

Cutout support works seamlessly for apps, with the system managing status bar height to separate your content from the cutout. If you have critical, immersive content, you can also use new APIs to check the cutout shape and request fullscreen layout around it.

With so many new Android phones—including releases from ASUS, Huawei, and LG—opting to adopt the notch look, developers will have their work cut out (no pun intended) for them.

Whether Google releases a phone, like the Pixel 3, with a notch remains to be seen. But it’s clear Apple started a trend with the iPhone X, validating its decision to embrace the notch as a design feature, rather acknowledge it as a flaw.

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