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Facebook Messenger Lite adds bulky feature

by Justin Herrick | March 7, 2018March 7, 2018 8:00 am EST

Facebook Messenger is used by billions of people worldwide, but it’s the slimmed-down version that might be the better choice for you. And now the app is getting even better.

The company just announced that Facebook Messenger Lite, which became widely available in 2017, is letting users make video calls with its latest update.

More than 17 billion video calls were made in Facebook Messenger throughout last year. That’s double compared to 2016, and Facebook wants users on its basic app to enjoy the same benefits of face-to-face communication. On Facebook Messenger Lite, you’re still getting the essentials of a messaging app in a sub-10MB file size.

As long as you have the app updated, you’re going to see a video icon to immediately launch a video call. Spot the person you’d like to see for a conversation, tap the icon, and wait for them to answer.

There’s also an option to take an audio call to a video call after a single tap.

If you’ve been hesitant to try Facebook Messenger, we highly recommend giving this app a try. It really does give you everything you need without the extra fluff that demands data and battery life.


Justin Herrick

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