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8Bitdo’s adapter will connect your PS4 controller to the Nintendo Switch

by Danny Zepeda | March 3, 2018March 3, 2018 12:00 pm PST

One of the big annoyances of the Nintendo Switch is its pro controller capabilities. For as good as the Joy Cons are, they are not the most comfortable when using them with the Joy Con connector. Nintendo does offer a Pro Controller for those who want something that’s more comfortable, but it costs $70.

8Bitdo’s is remedying the issue by offering a new USB adapter that costs a fraction of the price of a Switch Pro Controller, allowing consumers to connect their PlayStation 4 controller to the Switch. The new Wireless USB Adapter connects to the Nintendo Switch dock via USB.

The adapter not only connects to PS4 controllers, it will also connect Wii remotes, the PS3 controller, a single Joy Cons and 8Bitdo’s wide array of classic controllers. 8Bitdo says the adapter will also work with PCs, Macs and Raspberry Pi rigs.

Functionality aside, the adapter has quite an endearing design with a Super Mario brick-like finish. The packaging even has 8-bit clouds hovering over the adapter. 8Bitdo’s attention to detail is impressive.

8Bitdo’s Wireless USB Adapter is now available on Amazon for $20.

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