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Instagram leak points to improved direct communication

by Justin Herrick | March 2, 2018March 2, 2018 11:00 am EST

Facebook would like for all of its apps to remain separate but share features. It looks like Instagram, which Mark Zuckerberg’s company acquired¬†in 2012, will soon gain voice and video calling. The discovery of the upcoming feature was made through a teardown of the Android app. Within the APK file was a set of labels and icons referring to different call methods.

Instagram will likely have voice and video calling available through Direct, its in-app messaging platform.

The labels and icons clearly refer to “call” and “video.” Aside from blatant text used, the icons reveal phones and cameras.

This wouldn’t be the first time Facebook copies features from one app and brings them to another. Voice and video calling are also available on both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Because Instagram has such a healthy user base with continued growth, the company probably wants to ensure users can get all of their communication done within the app.

More importantly, voice and video calling are already available on Snapchat. Having the features on Instagram gives Facebook yet another edge over Instagram’s rival.

There’s no word on when Instagram will go live with the new features.


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