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Here’s the one of the best Xbox One X deals we’ve seen yet

by Eric Frederiksen | February 28, 2018February 28, 2018 1:30 pm EST

Microsoft’s powerful Xbox One X console hit in November for a balmy $500. Since then, gamers have been watching carefully for deals that would offer up an excuse to pick up the system without slicing such a big chunk off their wallets. Here’s one of the best deals we’ve seen yet on the system.

If you visit Dell’s site, you can pick up the 1TB Xbox One X for $500.

Wait, wait, don’t go!

If you buy it through Dell, you’ll not only get free delivery, but Dell will also throw in a $100 Dell gift card. That’s a game and a controller. Almost a year of Xbox Game Pass. Or a big enough bribe to get your loved one to ignore that you just spent $500.

With the system so new – and so much more powerful than it’s closest competition – that $500 price tag is likely to stick around at least through this next holiday season, if not longer. If you’re itching to buy an Xbox One X, this could be the best deal to come up for a while. Keep in mind that the gift card, which is issued electronically, expires 90 days after it’s issued, so don’t wait too long to spend it.

The coming months will see Microsoft exclusives like Sea of Thieves and Crackdownhitting the system (and PC), as well as 4K-enhanced versions of many upcoming and previously-released Xbox One titles, so you won’t be lacking for stuff to play.

Check out Dell’s Xbox One X product page to take advantage of the deal.


Eric Frederiksen

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