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Factory Entertainment introduces REVOs at Toy Fair 2018

by Sean P. Aune | February 24, 2018February 24, 2018 1:30 pm EST

Vinyl figures have been a hit for years now, and Factory Entertainment is going to try to bring a bit more fun and play to them with its new REVOs line.

Part vinyl figure, part fidget spinner, the Revos are weighted figures on bases that you can spin and knock back and forth. The first figures scheduled are from Jurassic Park, Justice League, Universal Monsters, Wizard of Oz and more. Down the line there are plans for deluxe versions as well.

Besides the REVOs, Factory Entertainment has a wide selection of plush on the way with selections from IT, Game of Thrones and a couple of its own concepts. Pawzplay are pets that enjoy cosplay, while the Clawzplay are dinosaurs who like to dress up like characters from Jurassic Park.

Yes, it took us a second to wrap our head around that as well.

Another line of soft items is S.W.A.T. (Soft Weapons and Tactics) that bring you recreations of some famous movie props in a soft fashion complete with sound effects.

Factory Entertainment will also be releasing a die-cast S.S. Georgie from IT that actually floats – a variant will be sold exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con this year – a prop replica of Cersi’s crown from Game of Thrones, dioramas from Harry Potter and more.

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