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Fan favorite Burnout Paradise is getting a remaster

by Eric Frederiksen | February 23, 2018February 23, 2018 1:00 pm EST

While I’ll always have a soft spot for the pure crash mode of earlier Burnout games, I have to admit that I got more mileage – pun intended – out of Burnout Paradise on Xbox 360 than any other game in EA’s crash-em-up racing series. And now, we can dive into Paradise City all over again – Guns’n’Roses included. EA is bringing Burnout Paradise Remastered to PlayStation and Xbox in just a few weeks.

“We’ve given Burnout Paradise a complete graphics overhaul, with high-resolution textures and a range of technical enhancements designed to deliver all the high-octane chaos with an almost irresponsible level of visual fidelity,” EA wrote in the announcement.

The game will run in 1080p on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but owners of the beefed-up versions are in for a treat. EA is promising 4K resolution and 60 fps on both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. The game will included all 150 cars, eight primary expansion packs, and the complete original soundtrack. That includes not just Guns’n’Roses but also Avril Lavigne, Jimmy Eat World, and more. Multiplayer is back, too, ensuring that the whole experience is available.

There’s no word on the publisher’s Criterion studio working on a new Burnout game yet, so this game’s “irresponsible” visuals are likely the closest we’ll get for a while to a proper update. If you’re just craving the Crash Mode from the older games, former Criterion dev team Three Fields unleashed Danger Zone late last year.

If you’re on Xbox, you can already pick up Burnout Paradise for just $15 in its original Xbox 360 incarnation, but the game will be available on March 16 for $40 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC gamers, you’ll have to wait. You’ll get yours sometime “later this year.”


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