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Nest update adds Google Assistant support to Cam IQ indoor camera

by Danny Zepeda | February 21, 2018February 21, 2018 1:00 pm PST

Nest announced that it is rolling out an update that will add Google Assistant functionality to its Cam IQ indoor security camera. It had originally announced the update was coming back in September, but it was delayed for unknown reasons.

The update gives the Cam IQ the ability to search the web for questions, set reminders, and control Nest products or other products that work with Nest, like Philips Hue.

There is one odd quirk with the update: Google Assistant can’t control the Cam IQ cam itself. Asking Cam IQ to activate or deactivate recording won’t yield any results. The omission is much more perplexing when you consider these functions can be done through Nest’s mobile app. If there was a reason to add Google Assistant to the Cam IQ, this would be it, but it appears functionality is not available at the moment.

Nest also announced a new tier for its Nest Aware subscription service. The new $5 plan offers five days of video history. It’s a cheaper option to the available $10 and $30 tiers with 10 and 30 day video history options respectively. As part of the Nest Aware service, Nest is also adding the functionality to discern humans from object in its Activity Zones.

The Google Assistant update for the Nest Cam IQ security cam is now available as an over-the-air update.

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