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Apple takes big step toward making the iPhone X’s display the norm

by Danny Zepeda | February 18, 2018February 18, 2018 3:00 pm EST

Apple has informed iOS app developers that all new apps submitted for approval from the App Store will be required to support the iPhone X’s Super Retina. The new policy takes effect in April.

First reported by 9to5Mac, the move has far reaching implications for developers. Up until now, Apple hasn’t required an app to support a specific display size. Many apps were slow to adopt the larger displays of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but Apple let them exist as annoying outliers.

A similar acclimation period is happening with the iPhone X’s edge-to-edge design and the signature notch, only now Apple is taking matters into its own hands by enforcing the rule on new apps.

However, Apple didn’t go as far as to enforce this new qualification for apps already in the App Store. It’s still not clear if the company will push out a similar referendum on these apps in the future. Apple may be holding off on such a decision to avoid angering smaller developers who don’t have the resources for a major design overhaul right now. After all, it’s these app developers that have made iOS such a fertile place for apps.

The change in policy also shows Apple’s larger commitment to the iPhone X’s display and its signature notch. The company is rumored to release three new handsets this year with displays similar to what was featured in the iPhone X. By requiring app developers to build its apps to support the iPhone X, Apple is ensuring customers will have the best experience possible when its new phones are released.


Danny Zepeda

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