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HTC’s smartphone chief resigns, puts future in limbo

by Justin Herrick | February 14, 2018February 14, 2018 10:00 am EST

HTC, one of Google’s earliest partners for Android, isn’t performing too well. So there’s finally been a decision made to┬áchange up its leadership. The Taiwanese company announced this week that smartphone chief Chialin Chang is stepping down.

It may seem abrupt, but HTC and Chang say a “personal career plan” is the reason for him leaving the company. There are several unconfirmed reports that Chang is launching his own artificial intelligence firm. While it’s entirely possible he wanted to go off and start a new venture, it’s not hard to understand Chang’s departure is also connected to HTC’s struggles.

HTC’s revenue has been declining for a number of years, leading to ten consecutive quarterly losses. And little has been done to stop the bleeding. Chang’s resignation signals HTC would like someone else to try turning the ship around.

Assuming his role until a permanent replacement joins the company is Cher Wang, who co-founded HTC in 1997 and currently stands as the chairwoman and chief executive officer.

The future remains uncertain for HTC. While the company plans to release a 2018 flagship in the coming months, revenue likely stands no chance at changing for the better anytime soon. There are a couple of things HTC could do; however, the clock is ticking and not much time is left. Constant misses with flagships in recent years set the company back, and now HTC could find itself declaring bankruptcy or going up for sale by the end of 2018.


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