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Refreshed LG V30 to ship with artificial intelligence tech

by Justin Herrick | February 13, 2018February 13, 2018 10:00 am PST

The next company to give artificial intelligence a try is LG. Later this month at MWC 2018, the company will introduce a new smartphone that includes Vision AI and Voice AI. Both are artificial intelligence-based technologies that focus image and voice recognition.

With the rising number of digital assistants on the market today, LG would rather invest in specialized features that can play off of Google Assistant on its mobile devices.

Vision AI leverages the camera to automatically analyze objects and recommend the best shooting mode available. LG says the technology considers angle of view, color, reflections, backlighting, and saturation levels before making a recommendation. Over 100 million images across various categories were used to create the image recognition algorithm backing Vision AI, and it’s also able to instantly launch image search or provide shopping options at a glance.

For Voice AI, LG managed to integrate with Google Assistant. The company says it “allows users to run apps and change settings” using only your voice. There are thirty-two voice commands helping you eliminate the time spent tapping away on a screen.

LG won’t be introducing an entirely new phone to showcase Vision AI and Voice AI. It’ll simply repackage the V30, which was announced in the final months of 2017. The company also plans to bring its artificial intelligence capabilities to additional mobile devices through software updates. So it’s not only new mobile devices but existing ones that’ll benefit from LG’s work.


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