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Galaxy S9 rumored to have two major iPhone features

by Justin Herrick | February 13, 2018February 13, 2018 8:00 am EST

Less than two weeks away from the Galaxy S9 being announced, the leaks haven’t stopped or even slowed down. More information regarding the 2018 flagship has come out again.

Samsung, according to ETNews, plans to roll out two features that are available on Apple’s iPhone and other mobile devices already on the market.

Although the stereo speakers won’t be front-facing, owners of the Galaxy S9 should still get a premium listening experience. Samsung will put one speaker at the top where the earpiece always is and another on the bottom next to the USB-C and auxiliary ports. The layout would be similar to Apple’s, which implemented stereo speakers in 2016 with the iPhone 7 and has kept doing so ever since.

There’s some speculation that Dolby and AKG are involved in the audio’s tuning as well.

Samsung also intends to offer 3D emoji for its customers. The Galaxy S9 is expected to ship with an Animoji-like feature that recognizes an individual’s face and tracks movement to mirror on a 3D character.

The Exynos 9810, an in-house processor launching alongside Samsung’s next flagship, enables high-end facial recognition. In addition to 3D emoji, the Galaxy S9 should have enhanced security on the same level as Face ID from the iPhone X. The difference for Samsung is the inclusion of an iris scanner. Instead of just using lasers, the Galaxy S9 is expected to have lasers and an iris scanner analyzing an individual’s face for accurate results.

With the hardware seeming so similar to its predecessor, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 will have to impress with software. However, it’s unclear if taking popular features from the iPhone X will go over well.

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