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Apple’s iOS 12 strategy to be major shock for developers

by Brandon Russell | February 12, 2018February 12, 2018 10:00 am EST

A few weeks ago, some early details about iOS 12 leaked out, with reports saying Apple may delay some features to focus on the stability of its next update. Now, a new report from Bloomberg has even more information on iOS 12, including what new features to expect from the software when it’s released this fall.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is planning to shakeup its approach to annual releases by introducing new features in incremental updates, rather than cramming features into one release. The new strategy will give engineers more time to work on big upgrades without feeling rushed.

It’s an approach that Apple has unofficially adopted this year, releasing features like Apple Pay Cash and iCloud for Messages well after iOS 11 hit last September.

Even with the new approach, Bloomberg claims Apple will introduce new features when iOS 12 hits, including an update that will integrate Animoji into FaceTime. Additionally, Apple is planning to bring its Face ID features to an upgraded iPad model planned for release this year.

Perhaps the biggest update to iOS 12 will be the introduction of universal apps, which we’ve already seen executed in Microsoft’s ecosystem. Support for universal apps will allow a developer to release an app that can work across the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. With that, Apple will reportedly bring apps like Home over to the app, allowing users to control their smart home devices through the Mac.

Other possible updates may included a redesigned Stock app, improvements to Do Not Disturb, and deeper integration of Siri.

Unfortunately, many of Apple’s flagship updates, which were originally scheduled for a 2018 release, are being pushed back until 2019 at the earliest. Among them is a redesigned home screen. Bloomberg also claims some big iPad updates are being delayed, including the ability to run several windows of one app and improvements to the Apple Pencil.

Bloomberg’s calling Apple’s new approach a “major cultural shift” within the company, putting a focus on optimized updates rather than rushing to release new features. If all goes according to plan, iOS could be better off for it.


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