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Apple Park nears completion, but it’s stunning even unfinished

by Justin Herrick | February 12, 2018February 12, 2018 8:00 am PST

Apple’s new headquarters isn’t completely finished just yet but already it looks stunning. Employees have moved into select areas of Apple Park despite the multi-billion dollar construction project still needing some cosmetic work done. When the iPhone X was announced, the company even brought in members of the media to see the new Steve Jobs Theater.

The main structure opened last spring, and ever since people have been marveling at what the company’s massive campus looks like from the outside.

Around two years ago, Matthew Roberts started recording monthly videos showing Apple Park. He sends a drone up in the air and captures footage of the progress Apple makes over time. With Apple Park largely complete, now the videos serve as an opportunity to admire what the architects and engineers built.

The latest update shows a finished maintenance area, employees traveling throughout the campus on bicycles, sod being placed between walking paths, and a fitness area perfect for people to use their Apple Watch for tracking activity.

As said before, most of the construction is done. Apple just needs to finish up the landscaping and then Apple Park will be truly beautiful.

Justin Herrick

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