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If you get a HomePod, AppleCare+ is a must-buy

by Danny Zepeda | February 9, 2018February 9, 2018 10:00 am EST

After months of waiting, Apple’s HomePod is finally making its way to market. To commemorate the occasion, Apple updated the support page for its premium speaker revealing new details, including a tidbit about how much the HomePod will cost to repair if you don’t buy AppleCare+. That will be a cool $279, nearly as much as the HomePod costs brand new.

The price slightly changes for HomePod customers overseas: in Australia it’ll be $399 and in the U.K. it’ll be £268.44.

If you do purchase AppleCare+, which costs $39, and you happen to run into an issue, repairing or replacing your HomePod will only run you $79. The $200 price difference to replace your HomePod through AppleCare+ is quite jarring. And that’s replacing the whole thing, repairing minor issues will only result in a $39 service fee.

It seems like a more appealing proposition to buy AppleCare+ when you crunch the numbers. You never know what could happen to the speaker and you could be looking at a large repair bill.


Danny Zepeda

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